Your Korean Snack Food Connection


From Milkis to BTS Cold brews, come try new and unique drinks to beat the heat!


Come try irresistible Honey Butter Chips, and Chocolate turtle chips, and discover so much more!!


If you need more than just a few bites, our cup noodle selection will definitely warm up your mealtime!

SeoulBites is an innovative Tampa-based business that specializes in offering globalized experiences through meticulously curated snacks, refreshing beverages, and popular items from South Korea and beyond!

We are focused on bridging the culinary and cultural gap between East and West. Our brand leverages a diverse and extensive inventory to offer a cross-cultural experience through a multitude of mediums! 

See how we can help bring a transformative experience to you!

Our distribution services can ensure that your shelves have a TRULY diverse selection and array of food and drink. Click this link to see an expanded view of our full catalog. Check back in often, we are always adding new and unique items!

Our vending machine can provide 24/7 access to sweet and savory treats to help satisfy your customers' needs

Our machine comes equipped with: 

We also service local businesses with curated selections for their customers and employees. We can also create curated snack stands to help generate additional revenue and help businesses offer unique benefits to their clients. Contact us to find out more!

Recent research has demonstrated a significant surge in interest in Korean snacks and culture, and this trend is projected to continue its growth trajectory over the coming years. Recognizing this tremendous opportunity, we captivate the ever-expanding population of Korean and Asian culture enthusiasts and globally-minded individuals right here in the United States.

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